Still Stronger, Together: Proud of the Campaign We Ran

I wake up disappointed, but proud of the campaign we ran. 

In a historic election in unprecedented times, I wish Rep. Jessie Rodriguez well as our 21st District Assemblyperson. 

I believe more strongly than ever we are stronger, together, especially on the issues we talked so much about during the campaign — the need for a pandemic plan, and championing cities, schools, affordable health care and more. I ask lawmakers to get to work on those ASAP. After more than 200 days away, it’s time to get back in session. 

Please start with taking action to ensure communities can continue the fight against COVID-19 in 2021 and beyond. Without a statewide plan, municipalities and counties are on the front lines, and our health departments, small businesses, unemployed residents and schools need help now.

I am proud of the campaign we ran. We rose above the intensely personal attacks to build bridges, not burn them. Along the way, we earned the support of more than 14,000 voters in the 21st District. Thank you for your support!

  • I also thank my family and friends. I could not, and would not, have done this alone, and I so much value their support during the campaign, and every day. My wife, Sarah, shares a commitment to community through public service, and I can already see that spirit in my kids. That makes my heart happy.
  • Thank you to all of the local leaders who got behind our campaign, from mayors to county leaders to state and federal elected officials. I will continue to stand with you and will be an advocate for the issues we all face. 
  • Thank you to the labor and other organizations who also supported my campaign. I will always be a champion for workers. 
  • And thank you to Brandon Savage, my campaign manager, and Murray Hill Consulting. It’s a pleasure to work with someone 100% aligned on a vision of positive campaigning, speaking to all voters with dignity and respect, all the time. I wish more felt this way.

I have been asking for months for your support to put a mayor in Madison. Yesterday, that didn’t become a reality, but I remain excited to lead the great City of South Milwaukee forward, together. Our future is bright.

Amid these challenging times, we are seeing strong progress in key areas. I am especially proud of our city’s leadership role in addressing the pandemic, revitalizing the Oak Creek Watershed, and driving undeniable gains in our downtown. We will fuel that momentum in the months ahead, hopefully with state lawmakers as partners in our promising future.

Let’s get to work.

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