All In To Get This Done: Join Me!

It’s go time, and we are ready. It’s time to take back the 21st Assembly District!

We are ramping up our campaign to make it happen, and we need your help.

Since I first entered the race to become your next Assembly representative on April 22, I have been working hard every day to earn your vote, to tell my story, tell our story.

It’s time for positive change in the legislature, and it starts here. Madison is broken, more divided than ever. Legislators are not working for you, and, these days, not working at all — when we need them most. There is a better way, one where lawmakers can work together to solve problems, finding common ground to address issues important to all of us.

To me, that starts with enabling investment in our first responders, public health and the other local services you see every day. It means investment in our public schools, ensuring all kids can enjoy a first-class education even amid (especially amid) a pandemic. It means addressing issues like access to affordable healthcare, transportation and economic development, focused on the small and medium-sized businesses that are the lifeblood of our economies.

It means coming together to address the challenges brought forth by the pandemic and resulting recession — from making sure we are doing all we can to safely reopen, while at the same time acting smartly to limit the spread of the virus. You can do both. That includes working to clear the logjam around unemployment insurance, ensuring benefits are flowing in a timely fashion to those who need them most.

Right now, the legislature isn’t doing any of those things. They have not met in well over 100 days, and may not until after the election. That is unacceptable, and the Republican leadership and members of both houses should be ashamed of that.

Let’s get to work. For us.

And that is why I’m running, why I’m all in to be your representative in the 21st Assembly District. You deserve better, and I needed to stop complaining about our broken state government and step up to help fix it, even in a small way.

To be clear, I will remain as mayor of South Milwaukee when I win, and will donate my mayoral salary to charity when I do. Doing so will make me a better representative for the entire 21st District. Too often lawmakers get to Madison and forget their constituents. That will not happen with me. It can’t. I will be a voice of Main Street in Madison! I will also amplify our collective voice in the Capitol, as someone who promises to listen to the needs of our community, and act in Madison.

We are off to a great start. I’ve knocked on hundreds of doors in the 21st District — masked up and socially distanced — and have many hundreds more to go. We’ve been dropping literature for months. We’ve had a number of Zoom and small, socially distanced events, where we’ve been able to further connect with voters. With your support, we’ve knocked our fundraising goals out of the park. Yard signs started going out this week. Endorsements continue to roll in, and we’ll be sharing that long and growing list in coming weeks.

There are other proof points, but it’s clear: We’ve come a long way in just four months, and we’ve laid a great foundation. But it’s time to take this to a new level.

Election Day is November 3, but it really starts much sooner than that, with absentee ballots first hitting mailboxes in a month.

Here is how you can help …

  • Volunteer. Thanks to everyone who has helped the campaign so far! If you would like to join that list — and perhaps help with sharing literature with neighbors, making phone calls, or countless other opportunities — sign up here.
  • Take a yard sign, especially if you live on a high-traffic street. Sign up here.
  • Make a contribution. We’ve significantly outraised our opponent so far, but we can’t stop now! If you’ve already given, thank you — and please consider giving again. If you haven’t, please consider a donation. Every dollar makes a difference, and will be wisely spent on winning actions. You can do so online here.
  • Host an event (live or virtual). We will continue to connect with voters live through the election, and if you’d like to host a small and safe “driveway or backyard social” — or a Zoom event — let me know. We’re filling our calendars with these as we speak.
  • Spread the word on social media. We’re ramping up our social spend big time, and ask that you share the posts we make, and promote. Like our Facebook page here.

I can’t do this alone, and won’t. We will get this done and be stronger, together.

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