Brooks Announces Endorsement of Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas

July 22, 2020

South Milwaukee Mayor Erik Brooks today announced the support of Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas in his race for Wisconsin’s 21st State Assembly District. 

Lucas stated, “As Milwaukee County Sheriff, I am entrusted with ensuring public safety in our parks, on our freeway systems and at our many cultural attractions and institutions across the county. Having come to know Mayor Brooks, I’ve seen his dedication to community, his enlightened and strong leadership for the people of South Milwaukee, and the results he’s produced as a leader on the South Shore. He’s a true public servant and uniquely qualified to represent the communities of the 21st Assembly District. He has my full support, and I’m asking you to join me.”

Brooks stated, “I’m more than honored to have the support of Sheriff Lucas. He knows well the challenges we all face in Milwaukee County and has always taken the best, most practical approach to solve them. As mayor, I’ve seen his ability to build coalitions for the greater good to keep us safe. I share that commitment. The people of South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, and Franklin are lucky to have his service, and I’m fortunate to have earned his support.”

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