Serving South Milwaukee and the 21st District as Mayor and State Representative

Getting sworn in my for my third term.

I love South Milwaukee, and am proud to continue to lead the city for another three years. Voters spoke on April 7.

Now, to answer a couple of questions from the start of the campaign … 

First, I plan to continue to serve as mayor if (and when) I am elected to the Assembly this November. The reason why is simple: While we have built strong momentum in South Milwaukee, we have a lot of work yet to do in delivering our promising future. The election results give me another term to lead those efforts. 

Second, I will donate my entire mayoral compensation to charity, should I be elected to the Assembly. Not taking a mayoral salary is the right thing to do. 

The position of mayor in South Milwaukee is compensated as part time, and I think it’s appropriate for smaller communities like ours. The appointed, full-time city administrator is tasked with running the city day to day, and we are blessed to have one of the best, as well as an experienced and incredibly talented team of department heads and employees. I know they will continue to deliver the services people have come to expect from us. Their work during the coronavirus crisis has only reinforced this belief. 

Just as it was when I worked full-time at MillerCoors for most of the first six years I was mayor, I will remain as engaged as ever in South Milwaukee. That will never change.

Serving as mayor and a state representative also makes me better at both roles. I will remain close to the constituents I represent, while also amplifying their voices — the voices of all 21st Assembly Districts — in the state Capitol. 

Too often, lawmakers get to Madison and forget the constituents they represent. That will not, can not, happen with me. I may have to step out of a budget debate to take a call about a pothole — and that’s a good thing.

I will be a voice for Main Street in Madison!

This is also not unheard of. For example, the current mayor of Dodgeville is a Republican state representative, and the longtime village president in Pleasant Prairie served for many years in the Assembly. Other Assembly members have served in county government as they work in Madison. 

I look forward to doing the same for the residents of South Milwaukee, and the entire 21st Assembly District. Let’s put a mayor in Madison.

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